Dukerol! Why didn't I take it!

By Kathryn Comeau-Wong

My Mexico family vacation wasn't quite like the Dukerol ads!

You may have seen the commercials for Dukerol where a gorgeous woman in a bikini is sun bathing on the sands of the Caribbean, drinking a margherita, while watching as her children are running around splashing in the water. Well… that was how my trip to Mexico was supposed to look but instead I stopped at this cute curbside pub, where I had the most amazing Mojito of my life, to wind up at 3am hanging over a toilet. What I had failed to think about was that the water outside of the resort was not filtered water and I forgot to ask for no ice. Big oops!!! I was in Mexico for 5 nights with 30 of those hours not being able to leave my bed and with the following 3 days being uncomfortable. It was not fun!

What many travelers call ‘Delhi Belly’ can hit from something as simple as just ingesting different bacteria than what you are used to in your own country. Many prepare themselves when travelling to countries like India, Africa or South East Asia but this can also happen closer to home in places like Mexico or the Caribbean. If you are concerned about ‘Delhi Belly’ or travelling to an E Coli or Cholera high risk area then please discuss Dukerol with your family doctor, local travel clinic or pharmacist so you don’t waste your hard earned money and limited holiday time praying to the porcelain gods.