Paris and Beyond

Bizarre Itinerary? The lesser known must sees When I received an invitation to go on a fam to Paris, I was excited to see what had changed since the last time I was there about 20 years ago. When I went through the itinerary, I was surprised to see that not one of the 'normal' attractions was on the itinerary. There wasn't one thing I had done before nor had ever been asked about - 'what a bizarre itinerary' I thought. Well it was fantastic and now I have little gems to share with my clients to make their France trips even more special. Guided Gastronomy walking tour of Montmartre - Yes, many...

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Dukerol! Why didn't I take it!

My Mexico family vacation wasn't quite like the Dukerol ads! You may have seen the commercials for Dukerol where a gorgeous woman in a bikini is sun bathing on the sands of the Caribbean, drinking a margherita, while watching as her children are running around splashing in the water. Well… that was how my trip to Mexico was supposed to look but instead I stopped at this cute curbside pub, where I had the most amazing Mojito of my life, to wind up at 3am hanging over a toilet. What I had failed to think about was that the water outside of the resort was not filtered water and I forgot to ask f...

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Travelling across Canada - a trip down memory lane!

We call Canada our home, but have you actually ventured out from your own back yard to really see what this amazing country has to offer? Nearing the end of Canada’s 150th birthday, I feel like a little trip down memory lane is in order… When I was 19 my girlfriend and I took the trip of a lifetime and drove across this amazing land. When I say drove across I mean drove across from sea to sea! We started our journey in Vancouver and headed north past Prince George along a looong gravel road to the magical Liard Hot Springs. Skip the touristy pool, go at night and take the extra hike to the na...

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